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Living happily with Autism in the workplace

Join Dr Liliya on this step-by-step online course - learn how to appreciate Autism in relation to the workplace

Recognising Autism matters

The focus of these sessions is on learning to appreciate Autism in relation to the workplace. The sessions are for Autistic employees but also for employers who wish to broaden their understanding of how Autism influences their work environment. On the course, you'll learn how to work with and to celebrate the presence of Autism at work, as well as how to recognise it and appreciate it in others.


Make the effort to find out more about:

  • the nature of autism
  • how it affects those who live with it
  • how to support you Autistic employees
  • How all your employees can benefit from working with an Autistic colleague
  • How your company can celebrate having an Autistic employee among its staff

Your Employees Are Unique

There is no such thing as an 'average' employee. Taking a moment to look around your office - which of your employees is autistic? It is estimated 1 in every 100 people is living with Autism, if one of your employees is autistic, what are you going to do about it?

Commitment to Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity is more than a 21st century buzzword. It's an essential element of the modern day working environment. Every workplace needs to embrace, nurture and celebrate all kinds of diversity - religions, cultures, races and also Neurodiversity.

Built upon science and years of medical experience, our course is intensely supportive and practical.

Rooted in science, facts and evidence - yet reflect personal experience.

Engaging and relevant - exploring the topics which you need to know together.

Practical and Accessible - easy to follow, understand and access.

Dr Liliya’s online course is founded entirely on sound, tried and tested scientific research. She will lead you through the course in a way that’s relevant to your life and sensitive to your needs.

The sessions do not comprise a series of lectures. Instead, you will follow the proven ‘flipped classroom’ approach – shown time and again to be effective. You will work through the material first - individually, then you’ll have a discussion with Dr Liliya.

This approach encourages self-directed learning from you, the student. The reward is substantial: an understanding reached through structured discussion of Autism and how it affects your life.

Course Structure

The course is comprised of 8 modules, each divided into multiple units. These units each cover one topic and are available as an animated video (3-5 minutes in length), an audio recording and a written document. 

  1. A Anxiety, Module 1 - 6 Units
  2. U Uneven/Unstable, Module 2 - 6 units
  3. T Time, Module 3 - 5 units
  4. I Intelligence, Module 4 - 7 units
  5. S Sense and Sensitivities, Module 5 - 4 units
  6. T Thinking in Autism, Module 6 - 6 units
  7. I Intense Interests, Module 7 - 4 units
  8. C Central Coherence, Module 8 - 6 units

Remote sessions - Safe, sustainable and effective.

Each module will be followed by an online session with Dr Liliya. These sessions are bespoke for each client - taking into account the needs of the individual taking the course.

Not for Profit - but for the Community.

Dr. Liliya is determined to carry out her remarkable work, not in order to line her pockets, but for the benefit of the wider autistic community. As someone who has struggled with and now lives with Autism, she is dedicated to helping others.

Few people have her personal experience, her academic training and her qualifications. Few people understand the autistic world better. Few people are as well-placed to help with Autism than Dr Liliya.

Autism is a difference - not a disability


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