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A true understanding of the Autistic life

Gain a true understanding and appreciation of your Autism - what it means to you, how to live, work and grow with it.

Safe, Secure and Comfortable

Online private consultations offer a place for you to increase your understanding of Autism and what it means to be an autistic person. Learn how to use your natural gifts and skills to enhance your life in an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable and secure.

Designed to help you and your support network

These sessions work well for Autistic people but they also work for your family or support network. People from your support network can take part in sessions and further their understanding and appreciation of the Autistic life.

First session for free!

You can't be expected to hire someone you do not know - to allow for you to meet and decide whether Dr Liliya is the correct choice for you the first session is always free! This also gives Dr Liliya a chance to get to know you and how best she can help you if you decide to work together.

There is nothing to lose, so...

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Autism is a difference - not a disability


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